- Do I need to install databases or other applications to use Excel spreadsheets (software)?

No, it is enough to have installed Microsoft Office Excel. .

- If I have a version of Excel prior to 2013, what should I do to use Excel spreadsheets (software)? ?

The use of Excel spreadsheets developed and sold on this website generally does not give any problem if they are also used with versions of Excel prior to 2013. If you had to find out problems you can use the plug-in provided by Microsoft to make compatible versions. .

- What can I do to use Excel spreadsheets (software)? ?

You must follow these steps:
o Enable Excel macros;
o Save the files you just purchased on C:// and not on the desktop;
o Open it and enter user and password; .

- What should I do if I had found run-time error when opening Excel spreadsheets? ?

You must verify that you have followed the steps in the previous point and when the error was found:
o Save the file;
o Close the file;
o Open the file again. .

- If the error referred to in the previous point does not resolve with the suggested procedure, what should I do? ?

You can contact support using the appropriate contact form. .

- How many times can I use Excel spreadsheets? ?

The Excel spreadsheets (software) sold without limitations of duration in time or limitations of positions, can be used endless times. .